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Rusty and Rosy Reading Software

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Product Description

Give your child a lasting educational advantage with proven-effective and fun reading software, the best on the market.

Rusty and Rosy Reading™ brings Waterford Institute’s reading software to the home where your child can experience personalized learning every day. Like a tutor, the program provides the instruction your child needs by monitoring her progress and adapting to her skill level. With enough content to last three full years, Rusty and Rosy Reading has been proven effective to teach your child in just 15 minutes a day.

*Created for children ages four through eight.


Rusty and Rosy Reading Benefits

  • Personalized learning – Like a personal tutor, working one-on-one with your child, Rusty and Rosy Reading adapts to your child’s learning needs and provides the instruction necessary to help your child master each skill. As your child progresses through the program, the software provides extra support or challenges where needed, giving more practice or intense review in areas your child struggles and skipping over skills your child has mastered.
  • Proven effective curriculum– The instruction is based on years of research, proven teaching principles, and the latest and most effective methods in curriculum design. Dozens of studies over nearly two decades have proven the software’s curriculum to help a wide range of children achieve academic success.
  • Fun – Your child will travel through engaging stories and discover new ideas with Rusty, Rosy, and hundreds of other original characters. As your child learns concepts through songs—ranging from original compositions to classical works and songs from around the world—and progresses through the interactive activities, your child will have so much fun he will want to keep learning.
  • Child-friendly atmosphereRusty and Rosy Reading is designed to put your child in the driver’s seat. With a child-oriented interface and simple controls, your child can easily log in and navigate the program independently.
  • Parental control – You can easily monitor your child’s progress through the program so you can see where he is improving or where he needs help. Through the parent manager, you can access reports to see your child’s scores to date, or over the period of a week, month, or level. You can also adjust the curriculum, if needed, and find a variety of printable materials to enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • Enriching contentRusty and Rosy Reading is composed of a complete language arts curriculum to help your child become a fluent and confident reader. Your child will learn phonics, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and more through songs, pre-assessments, instruction, practice, books, and post assessments for each skill.
  • Three full years of contentRusty and Rosy Reading does not take an approach to learning that is quickly exhausted. The software is packed full of activities and learning concepts to last your child from preschool to second grade.

Rusty and Rosy Reading Contains

  • 4,000+ activities that include assessments and practice to make sure your child understands the concepts taught.
  • 175+ animated songs and videos that will have your child singing about learned concepts throughout the house.
  • 240+ digital books that include storybooks, alphabet books, leveled readers, make-a-books, and biographies.
  • Free Play Menu, a less-structured environment where activities and practice are unlocked as your child progresses through the program. The Free Play Menu allows your child to go back and explore her favorite activities while receiving more reading practice.
  • Hundreds of printable materials that include worksheets, flashcards, games, and assessments, found in the Parent Manager, to help extend your child’s learning experience. Plus, you can print out certificates to celebrate your child’s learning successes.
  • Progress reports that tell you how your child is progressing through the program so you can see areas where she is excelling and areas where she needs continued focus and improvement. Plus, the reports will recommend activities to extend learning beyond the computer.

System Requirements

  • Windows® Vista, XP, or 7 operating system
  • Macintosh® OSX® 10.4-10.6 operating system

*Rusty and Rosy Reading is not currently supported on Mac OS 10.8 or Windows 8.

Rusty and Rosy Reading software is sold in 4-month or 12-month subscriptions. When you buy a subscription of Rusty and Rosy Reading, you receive an install disc (if a first-time subscription), 4 or 12 months access to Rusty and Rosy Reading's personalized instruction with thousands of activities and a collection of digital and animated songs, Rusty and Rosy's Parent Manager where you can monitor your child's progress, and our excellent Customer Support team. (One child per subscription)
4-month subscription: $120
12-month subsription: $240

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Product Reviews

  1. Money well spent - has made Kindergarten a breeze 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

    Purchased Rusty and Rosy and a subscription for both my young children. It was expensive and I debated the cost for awhile. But I soon realized it was money well spent. My children (3 and 5 yrs. old) did their daily 15 minutes independently with very few questions for me. I did very little and they learned to read! My daughter is at a very tough school now and is breezing through Kindergarten because her reading is so great. This was a FANTASTIC investment!
    The program does have some kinks and occasional software glitches (screen freezes or goes blank, or mouse won't work). However, it was minor inconveniences considering the payout. The DVDs are also great and my kids still watch them often.

  2. We love this program! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Oct 2013

    After our oldest son used Rusty and Rosy through Upstart, we were so impressed that we purchased it for our second son. (Since we no longer lived in Utah to do Upstart.). Our oldest was reading small words by the end of the year. The kids can use the program without adult help. The one thing I miss from what we had with Upstart is the math/science element. Before there was a daily calendar and weather chart and some counting songs. Since it was 3 or 4 years ago, I'm not sure if things have changed or not but it we miss it now. I still recommend Rusty and Rosy to people all the time!

  3. Great software...Lousy support 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2013

    The software is excellent for teaching reading. But if you have a problem and call in you should expect an attitude where they have your money so don't expect any help or give any more than they absolutely have to. My son was a part of their UPSTART program (outstanding software) and we even filmed a testimonial for them. I also wrote two letters to the governor and state board of education. When I ran into a problem and called they didn't seem to care above "how do we get you off the phone".

  4. So worth the money! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st May 2013

    We started our 4 year old in Rusty and rosy a year ago and in that time he has learned to read fluently (is at 2nd grade level +), understands so much about math, science, seasons, calendars, and has started keyboarding already! Such an awesome program so glad we found it. We had him in preschool for the social aspect and his teacher can't believe how far ahead he is than his peers in all of the educational activities that they do. I have my 3 year old in it now and he loves it too and is learning so much. They have such confidence with reading and when they go to their room for their daily quiet time my now 5 year old will read books to our 3 year old!! Love love love this software/program!

  5. great for my kindergartner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2012

    I started this the summer before kindergarten with my 5 year old who really had no interest in reading. He liked it for a bit, but now that school has started, he's doing so much better. I wish I had started it after he started school, but just because of his interest level. I think this is a great, inexpensive way to aid your child in learning to read. There is so much variety that it's really fun for the kid. I like that it doesn't criticize or say "wrong", try again! It's very upbeat. Oftentimes he doesn't even know he didn't do something right, but the program will go back to where he struggled and do a new game to help enforce the area that he struggled with.

    I started with the 4 month, wish I had just done the full year! I figure I'll start a year in a few months while he's in mid-kinder through mid-1st grade.

    FYI. Once it expires, you do have access to the games that your child has played. You don't need internet for that. It's called free play.

  6. Great product but support lags 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Oct 2012

    Our grandson loves this product and has shown noticeable improvements in his reading skills! However, we use Mac OS for R & R and support for the latest OS release lags significantly for the R&R products. We recently upgraded to Mac OS Mountian Lion (10.8) and R & R stopped working. A call to support revealed that it is being worked but there is no planned upgrade date. Well OS 10.8 was released in July ( and known long before that) and here in late October there is still no patch to R&R?????? Since we do use R & R weekly, our only option is to unload OS 10.8 (mountain lion) and go back to the old Mac OS. This is not a good setup for either the customers or the company. I hope they get there act together and support the later operating systems in a timely manner.

  7. Worth $20/mo! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2012

    A friend recommended Upstart and said it helped her son learn to read. Since I was too late registering for that, this was a good alternative. We've only used it for the last 3 days but I do like what I see so far. My son loves it and asks to "play" it each day (I told him it is a game). I have to tell him it's time to stop "playing" after a half hour! He also attends preschool twice a week since this doesn't cover math and science (not to mention socialization) but this is a great companion. I love how it progresses as he does. My 3 year old daughter sits next to him and watches him while he "plays" so I feel like it's helping her too.

  8. a few questions that must be answered before buying 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2012

    I am not sure that I understand. You buy the software, and then you have to connect online to get it to work? For that to happen, you must pay for 4 or 12 month access? Does this mean that every 12 months you have to pay again for access?

    Does the software disc work alone without connecting to the internet?

    also the reading DVDs- how are they different than this program? are they included in the program-or do they need to be purchased separate?

    Please one of you other mom's reply.

    PLEASE note my 4 star rating is for the prek reading DVD, I have one from a friend

    ***Editor's Note: Thanks for your inquiry about Rusty and Rosy software. The Rusty and Rosy software works on a subscription basis, which requires renewal at the end of 4 or 12 months. The software connects to the internet both to activate the product and to access the adaptive learning feature which customizes the your child's learning experience based on their skill level. The internet connection is not necessary to use the free play option.
    The Reading DVDs are purchased separately and are not interactive. However, most of the content that is found on the DVDs is also found in the interactive software. The DVD's are perfect for reinforcing the lessons that your child has worked through using the software. Please feel free contact us. Thanks!***

  9. My Kids are Crazy about Rusty and Rosy! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2011

    My 3 year old and 5 year old have been using Rusty and Rosy and they LOVE it. I've really been able to see how much they've learned after using the software for a few months and they ask to use it every day so I know that they enjoy it.

  10. Best product for children overseas 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2011

    Rusty and Rosy is the best companion for our daughter. We are in the State Department and having this product no matter where we are is great for her preparation for kindergarten and first grade. She loves it and can easily play for over an hour a day. The science parts after the 15 minutes of reading time is her favorite.

    Thanks Waterford for arguably the best product for children!

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